September 14, 2015

Can’t Pay CC Debt? Read This Now

ccdAt any time you make an application for an account – in-person, or whether by email, phone, Internet – you’re signing a contract that is legally binding. Therefore, should you be not able to pay the invoice for just about any reason you can be legally sued by the lender and additionally pursue garnishment of a percentage of your wages. What follows are several alternatives which will get you back on your way to fiscal recovery earlier as opposed to later.

Talk to your bank card business and be fair. Yes, it’s very tempting to prevent letters and those collection calls. In the event that you touch base by means of your lender nevertheless, there is an increased possibility of renegotiating the debt. You certainly will lose the right to make use of the credit card and still must pay the debt. But adversity systems generally eliminate late fees, over-the-limit costs, and reduce or totally remove your interest rate in order to pay your debt off.

Many people do what’s called bankruptcy that is unofficial and stop paying charge card statements. In case you do not have assets or a job, you likely can not be sued. But this can be a high-risk proposal so in the event that you’re desperate you may have to file bankruptcy. Chapter 7 enables income-eligible individuals to forever remove most of the statements; Chapter 13 creates a partial debt repayment strategy that is wieldy. Nevertheless, be aware that your credit rating will be further damaged by insolvency for 7 to ten years.

Sometimes insolvency as the reply is definitely an exact decision. Nevertheless, you may not have to take this kind of dramatic measure. Moreover, using a federally-approved business you have to get credit counseling under new bankruptcy laws before filing a case. Additionally, lenders tend to be more inclined to make a debt arbitration strategy along with you in case you are dealing using a credit counseling firm that is reputable.

August 29, 2015

Even the tiniest of living spaces

Even the tiniest of living spaces can be financed simplistically

Have you been dreaming of staying in a 1000 square feet home? The moot question is would you downgrade your dream to encompass a grand 100 square feet of living space? Seems impossible, or shall we say foolhardy? But people are waking up to the potential of frugal living in even more frugal spaces. These days living in spaces less than 500 square feet seems to be the norm for an increasing and vocal majority. The motivation lies in the increasing awareness that larger spaces involve wasteful expenditure and uneconomical practices that ought to be curbed. The accent seems to be to lean more on optimum utilization of space which is commensurate with one’s needs. As always, even when dealing with tiny spaces the chief hurdle seems to be finance.

The problem of sourcing adequate finance for tiny homes

The problem in dealing with finance for small spaces is that bankers generally view such homes as being portable and not worth the risk. Here today, gone tomorrow is a dictum that doesn’t sit well with risk averse bankers. The difficulty stems from the fact that institutional lenders continue to take a dim view of tiny spaces and refuse to see them as proper homes, and that leaves a sizeable financial burden on the shoulders of the innovative homeowner. Even if we come across willing lenders, they may not sense a business opportunity and may consider it unprofitable to finance $28,000 to $50,000 for tiny homes.

Administratively speaking, the $30,000 home will call for the same appraisal and involve the same procedural complications as one would face in financing a $300,000 home. The steps involved and the expenses tied to processing the loan will not vary much, and that would leave lenders wondering if they can recover their costs, and if smaller homes are worth the trouble. So from a banker’s perspective, the cost incurred would be the same but the earning potential of smaller homes would be proportionately less. Over and above such considerations, the tiny home doesn’t come cheap and you could be handling a budget $25,000 and above if you are focusing on tiny spaces. If construction involves professional contractors the final bill could spiral.

Options for raising adequate funds for tiny homes

Statistics will tell you that over 70% of small homes do not carry mortgages, but the balance 30% are finding innovative ways to gather funds for their dream home, even if it is tinier in scale.

1. The Home equity route for tiny home finance

If you already own a larger home it becomes easier to tap into the existing equity in your home to finance a smaller venture. In such instances the smaller home could be treated as a vacation home or even as a rental engine to fuel existing income, especially if the new home is strategically located in tourist centers or near resorts.

As indicated by the name “home equity”, you need sizable equity in your exiting home to make your dream come true. By way of a simple illustration, let us assume that your present home is worth $300,000 and your mortgage balance is leveling at $160,000. You can plug into a funding source that can potentially yield $140,000. The lender will not hesitate to finance a fraction of that amount, considering that he has access to the equity and security dormant in your existing home.

2. The Recreation Vehicle (RV) loan route for financing tiny homes

The problem is compounded for those people that do not own a home at all. For them there is new hope in the bylaws governing RV loans. Surveys reveal that more citizens are literally on the road moving from place to place and taking their home comforts along with them. The RV loan offers a new opportunity to homeowners to cash in and indulge their roaming instincts with a home in tow. These new rolling home and away dwellings are attracting a lot of takers. A new breed of manufacturers is obtaining licenses and necessary approvals for constructing tiny dwellings thereby paving the way for RV loans.

3. Leveraging a banker’s unsecured loan as a source of instant cash

Unsecured loans are finding their feet in the hugely expanding consumer financing market. Unlike the mortgage loan that leverages the home as collateral for the home loan, the unsecured loan doesn’t require underlying collateral as security for taking a loan. If there is substantial default in mortgage payment the homeowner ultimately forfeits the property and the lender takes possession of the home, but such a risk is not evident in an unsecured loan. Because of the higher risk to the lender, unsecured loans almost always carry higher interest rates. Fortunately, all lenders do not price unsecured loans beyond the reach of the layman, and cheaper unsecured loans are available for the asking, especially if you have a good credit rating.

If you are aiming for a banker’s unsecured loan you need to show a better than usual credit record, a low debt ratio, a steady source of income (preferably a rock solid job) and strong financial management skills that should be evident from your credit report.

Tiny homes are moving from a passing fad to lifestyle statement and simplicity in space utilization and affordable living conditions are the driving factors pushing the growth graph in people that desire such homes. Growing numbers of retirees are viewing tiny homes as an opportunity to downsize from palatial homes that are no longer affordable.

August 24, 2015

Beneficiary – What You Need To Know

Most bequests are organized before the grantor’s departure, which is carried out in the will. Its own executor and an estate planning company makes sure the will is finished so.

beneThere is a variety of of beneficiary categorized based on the supply of the gains or the type of the claim. First is the Most Important Beneficiary. The gains will come in the kind of cash, for example in the type of tangible assets, like property, houses, buildings or another property properties formerly owned by the grantor, or monthly allowances, pension or annuity.

Sometimes, when the beneficiary is mentally incapacitated or hasn’t reached legal age, before receiving the benefits in the bequest, they should wait or become. Nevertheless, the law may appoints a trustee get and to represent the benefits in lieu of the beneficiary. On the flip side, if the main beneficiary is deceased or is not any longer competent, the gains will likely be allowed to another person, known as the Contingent Beneficiary.

The thought of giving advantages might not necessarily apply to relatives or family. Gifts for instance, from a charity event, could be advantageous to a lot of individuals or to an organization selected to obtain the net income of the said event. Here is the third form of beneficiary called an Immediate Beneficiary, which will be essentially the receiver of the sales of a development project.

Another kind of beneficiary also offers an engagement in legal resolutions. Here is the Related Beneficiary who may not happen to be mentioned in the legal contract of two principal parties but is adversely impacted resulting into a claim. For example, several workers maintain payment for damages due to a toxic substance used at work. As the dispute is won by the business, the workers thus receive some great benefits of the claim.

The third party is stipulated to resolutions in case of disputes or violation as the receiver. Like for instance, upon breach of contract between an online merchant and an intermediary service firm, the online shopper becomes the beneficiary to safeguard consumers and may receive financial resolution.

July 19, 2015

About Bridging Finance

Bridging finance has turned out to be somewhat successful and advantageous to individuals and is among the very most dominant funding systems as of late. Relating to this financing policy, you can comprehend in the name itself. To be more complex, pay off debts in the scheduled time and bridge financing is in fact used to avoid loss. Imagine, for those who purchased a fresh one and have sold your property. Now it is possible to take advantage of this type of financing.

1usdThis type of lending is very popular with the purchasing of a property that is new. It’s been shown to be somewhat useful to the folks whilst purchasing property. Not people that were common, yet this funding system can also be used by several firms for running their businesses. But businesses must reveal prospects and their future selling amount to the financial institution prior to obtaining the loan plus they are able to get the cash that is required according to it.

The funding system that is shut is very affordable since they’ve a reduced rate of interest. The reason being which the loan must be paid give a set date. So unless you are certain about the date that is returning, it’s impossible to take the capital. Consequently it includes lower hazard. It’s you are able to return it back as according to your standards and because you won’t be given a special date, but that must be done before.

Additionally at once high for the borrower, the threats are with this loan. Without being certain regarding the yields, one shouldn’t blindly require this loan. Essentially, there are 2 kinds of bridging financing and they may be finance that is open and shut finance. The types of the loan are useful to individuals if used in a way that is proper.

With this particular finance, you can simply pay off debts as well as for financing any company in once use as the capital. The edges with this finance can be found from most of the banks today and are huge. Nevertheless, you’ll be necessary to reveal a profile that is good to get the money. This really is also and such type of credit which may be obtained inside a quick frame of time must be repaid within the timeframe that is brief.

This funding system just such as the name is bridges a difference of the anticipated income from a particular source and is really a assistance.

July 8, 2015

Personal Loans For People Who Have Bad Credit

Payday loans are a costly way to get short-term cash, however, there is something even worse–car title loans. And having a little determination, creativity and willingness a person in necessity of assistance of your loan will probably be in a position to locate one regardless of whether a person has a job. Most loans will probably be repaid biweekly over several months.   In this 2012 economy, we\’re still seeing an excellent deal of under employment and unemployment.

Visit A Pawn Shop. High interest rates mean these loans are just like nearly all of the loans accessible to consumers with bad credit. The lender inspects the automobile and provides a loan based on a fraction of the value, similar to a pawn shop. The loans are short term as well as the amounts borrowed aren\’t large. The lender needs to see your car and title in person, so you\’ve to turn your search local.

Again you need being careful and be sure you can increase the risk for payments otherwise you\’ll lose the car. After you\’ve called three or four, you\’ll possess a decent notion of what are the local lenders are charging and can find one which will get you just as much as you need and for your amount of time that you need it. Lenders who might not even exist on the high-street in places you live but might be easily accessed Online. Lenders who might not really exist on the high street in places you live but could possibly be easily accessed Online. Unsecured Loans.

Using a Co-signer to Get a Loan. As you can see, should you are willing being creative you will find always possibilities for loans for unemployed people. It makes financial sense to discover the lowest rate possible even when it means waiting for a time to increase your credit background score. Finding Credit with Poor Credit 2013.

Payday Loans. Title loans aren\’t available online. When you pawn something you do not actually sell it.

If you have a structured settlement from an existence insurance payout, a lawsuit or medical negligence lawsuit and want cash right away, you can get a lump sum cash settlement from companies like JG Wentworth or Peachtree settlement funding company. If you can\’t pay back a payday loan, the lending company can hire a debt collector to call you and also can even sue you and win. If you can not pay back a payday loan, the lender can engage a debt collector to call you and can even sue you and win. Unlike a pawn shop, though, you never have to truly leave the car with the lender. Typically the term of a title loan is thirty days at which point you need to repay the money loan plus interest or the title loan company can repossess your car.

As you can easily see there are many options to explore if you want a bad credit score loans for folks on benefits with guaranteed approval, be certain to always check the loan agreement and be wary of any hidden fees, monthly premiums and interest rates. When you\’re taking out a vehicle title loan, you\’re putting your car at risk, so think carefully before pledging this important asset. Finally in the event you really don\’t need this loan try to save lots of a little every month and form an emergency fund to ensure that you won\’t have to consider any bad credit loans with guaranteed approval.

June 17, 2015

Advantages and Pitfalls of Debit Cards


Debit cards removes the hassles associated with having like showing ID, composing checks or give out private information at that period of the trade.

Any consumer who finds it almost impossible to get a credit card or is not credit worthy can readily implement a debit card, enabling to make trades that are plastic.

The debit card user may use the small quantity accessible his account, from racking up debt as a consequence of its own use, thus avoiding the consumer.

Unlike bank cards, debit cards don’t price interest rates when cash advanced or any higher fees is got.

Resources are debited by check cards from your user, besides preventing check writing completely;s account immediately. This then finalizes the trade at that time of acquisition and unlike a bank card doesn’t necessitate paying any statement at a subsequent date. Additionally a debit card doesn’t demand writing a risky check featuring the holder’s private information.


Credit cards supply not lower degrees of security protection than debit cards. Larceny of the users PIN is not much more difficult than having a signature-based credit transaction.

Debit cards have pre set spending limits. You can spend just using the sum obtainable in his or her account.

Unlike charge cards, debit cards don’t supply any grace period to its users. They pay bargain and are fast.

Debit Cards do not permit one to create your credit history.

An overdraft fee charges, for cash trade and several also establish a limit of weekly, daily or monthly trades it is possible to employ your debit card for. And crossing this limit may also lead to serious charges for your account.

June 16, 2015

Obtaining Capital To Start A Company

fundStarting a brand new company is an incredibly challenging enterprise. The timeframe, effort, work, and cash it takes simply to start up is a wonder to consider. Are do the job yourself or you planning to hire workers? What kind of permits that are professional are you really going to get to have so that you can begin the endeavor you want to begin? While most of the questions are essential, among the main questions when contemplating creating your personal business to ask is: Where will I get the cash to get all this occur? You’ll find lots of distinct sources for cash to start a business. Some having investors, getting a business loan, or are using savings you might have accrued.

One method for beginning your own business to get the resources would be to round up investors who’d be ready to provide the means required to you. Always be careful about using investors, nevertheless, because once they become an investor, they may be usually in partial possession of the business you’ve got started making use of their cash. Make certain things are laid out in the conditions of the contract of this kind of alliance.

Having a loan that is professional, you must submit strategies that are professional about how you are going to pay the cash back and take other things to do that are specified to meet the conditions for the loan. It’s going to help you toward your ultimate aim of opening if you’re able to truly get financing to begin your enterprise.

A supply of capital for beginning a company to make use of is for those who have managed to conserve cash. A lot of people go through life putting sums of additional or fresh cash away in various savings accounts or alternative interest bearing enterprises. Using cash you’ve saved up as capital for the company is an excellent method to assist stay out of debt. Often, individuals that start a business on a shoe string or virtually nonexistent budget, they end up going into a lot of debt quickly. When beginning your personal company this can be the most perfect scenario. This can be preferable to beginning a credit line or taking out loans for those who have money saved that may be put to use as a resource for start up costs.

There are many methods to create a company from the floor upward. By getting financing using cash you’ve got saved, or rounding up investors for the job, you are able to have the cash needed to get off to a running and off beginning on your new profession.

June 16, 2015

Smooth the rough patches of living

How bit incomes can smooth the rough patches of living

Very often one stands at the cross roads just after graduating college and finding a new job when the onerous task of tackling the burden of education debt comes to the fore and you feel slightly overwhelmed. But this need not trouble you unduly if you manage to generate income that supplements your salary.

Researching jobs at a rudimentary skill level

Your options

The $5 job that could enliven your spare time

  • There are tons of jobs on Fiverr that get you $5 per assignment. You could try your hand at writing and translating posts, video and animation work, marketing online spiels or writing LinkedIn profiles and write ups. The sky is the limit and if you have a skill, this is the site that remunerates you for that skill.

Getting paid to help the householder

  • There are umpteen tasks around the home that people wish somebody else could do for them. The TaskRabbit site matches the householder’s task requirements with handymen and women who are verified and community vetted, that are placed at their disposal for a fee. So whether it is cleaning the home, fetching groceries or decorating the drawing room, you can opt to be the paid tasker who is hired to do all that and more while the householders busy themselves in what they plan to do.

Getting paid to do online surveys and research work

  • Companies, the world over do considerable market research before they conceptualize or launch new products. They do this to get a feel of what customers think about their product. One site is FindFocusGroups which pays focus groups for their output. Another site that pays for surveys is Swagbucks. With CashCrate you will be encouraged to try new products and exchange your feedback, and get paid for it. It’s important to understand that this concept works if you are getting paid for what you contribute, and it shouldn’t be the other way round.

Getting paid to do searches online

  • If you leverage BingRewards and Swagbucks by incorporating them as search engines you automatically get a trickle of side income as you search the web daily for your personal needs.

Booking income by renting spaces to strangers

  • If you are not yourself living in rented accommodation or subject to HOA rules, you can rent out a limited space or your entire home while you are travelling or leaving the home unoccupied, and earn some extra money. There are trusted sites like San Francisco based Airbnb, Austin based HomeAway and Home Away spin off VRBO that provide online platforms to list your real estate and to browse the sites for rental property in global destinations.

Let the car help you earn money

  • It is possible that your car remains idle over the weekends or during office hours when you use the public transport. You could list your vehicle on RelayRides so that others can commandeer a driver to use it when they need a vehicle. Alternatively, you could sign up with Lyft or Uber and get paid hourly for driving perfect strangers to their destination.

Leverage money to earn more cash

  • Many banks announce an attractive sign up bonus on opening a checking account.
  • Insisting on paying the balance promptly every month to prevent interest overload and grab cash back offers on purchases made through credit cards.
  • Shifting savings to a higher income earning facility or account.
  • Leveraging Ebates and Upromise to utilize cash backs for your loans.
    Creating cash from disposable items

It’s a double whammy – you get to clean your cupboards, rooms, attic and garage and generate fresh money by disposing the things you don’t need. Arrange a yard sale or push sales through eBay or Craigslist where the items can fetch more money. The range of outlets available for selling stuff is mind boggling. For books and school texts there is Textbooks, Amazon and Chegg; for old mobiles and electronic gadgets there’s Gazelle, and PreownedWeddingDresses for disposing a bridesmaid’s outfit or wedding dress.


Researching jobs at an intermediate level

Craftwork as a money earning proposition

  • If you have an inborn skill or creativity that helps you design or craft handmade items and you are familiar with working on a variety of textures like wood, bamboo, metal, clothing and embroidery, you can make stuff for sale on Etsy.

Blogging as a wish fulfiller and money earner

  • You can let your creative writing skills bloom and gain a lot of personal satisfaction and fulfill your desire to communicate in a language people can understand. It also helps make money on the side. Surveys say around 10% of bloggers are earning up to $10,000 per month. Having a degree in Creative writing, English or Journalism would be a bonus.

Leverage a farmer’s market to sell organic produce

  • It is possible that you have a kitchen garden that grows herbs and veggies organically that could be in great demand in the local farmer’s market and fetch a good price for you. Just ensure you are not violating food industry rules and state regulations.

The Pet care industry

  • There is a huge industry caring for pets in America, and one of the best ways to contribute your might is to get hired as a pet sitter to do day care or take pets for walks. It helps a great deal if you have a veterinary degree or you are skilled in veterinary medicine. Petsitter, Care and Craigslist will keep you busy on week days and weekends.

The Childcare industry

  • Child care opportunities are enormous especially in active communities, and parents always need help with baby sitting and childcare routines. Having majored in child care related subjects is a definitive plus point in getting these paying jobs. Care website hosts data on jobs that are in great demand. Using Nannyintheclouds you can check out parents that list their childcare assistance needs when they board a flight.

Researching jobs at a progressive level

Writing and translation skills that you can exploit to your advantage

  • If you are fluent in one or more foreign languages your services as a translator will be much in demand through websites like Upwork, Gengo or Indeed, and you can float a resume on Monster to build your career in what is considered a very lucrative field.
    If you have excellent command over English and can post views fluently on wide ranging topics, sites like Upwork and Amazon have tons of work that can earn you decent cash.

Tutoring assignments

  • If you are skilled in fitness, sports, cookery, dancing or fashion designing or adept at teaching math or any other college subject, you could teach someone else for a fee. You could just as well coach students to compete in ACT and SAT exams. If your skills are epitomized in a master’s degree or any higher technical qualification there may be online faculty posts that could open doors for you. Skillshare is a good site that allows you to teach a variety of courses online for a fee if you sign in as a service provider.

The world is moving online and there are multiple avenues to keep yourself busy while you earn money on the side. Explore the tips we have shared with you and chart a new path into areas you never tried before. Who knows? What starts off as a temporary vocation might just become a lifetime permanent job and money spinner. Car Title Loans Santa Clara 5201 Great America Parkway, Santa Clara, CA 95054 (408) 703-5542

June 15, 2015

Credit Cards: A Guide for Students

ccA lot of people have already been waiting years just for this minute. It is time visit school, to depart the nest and actually make things happen. Nevertheless, quite a few young folks do not understand the fiscal obligations called for in maturity. Many pupils will choose to submit an application to get a student charge card account once times get somewhat difficult. Is this advisable?

Usually, the reply is yes. Although unfortunate, it’s difficult to get with no charge card account by these days in America. Having one of those bits of plastic will make things in life easier. The secret to this yet is, use credit cards and consistently apply for the charge card that is right.

It is time to begin comparing charge cards knowing your own credit score. It’s time to complete the application and get approved when you compare the offers.

Applying for the charge card that is right is easy. Consumers should look to find out what their credit rating is. It is because acceptances are based by charge cards on the risk associated with loaning individuals money. It’s recommended for folks to understand where they stand in regards before buying a fresh charge card account for their credit ratings.

They are going to be given a credit line when folks get qualified to get a fresh bank card. Nevertheless, depleting this credit line completely can reveal a heightened risk to lenders and early signals of fiscal adversity. Retaining the debt of a charge card account will reveal stamina and fiscal responsibility.

I know what a lot of people might be believing. Why 2 weeks ahead of time when the post just requires a day or two. If you need to consider it, well that is. Processing numerous payments will take some time although processing your 1 payment might not take lots of time in any way.

Since the credit card was approved, it’ll be coming in the post shortly. Don’t forget, improper usage of credit cards often leads to serious financial hardship including insolvency! Here are a few tricks to using credit cards correctly:

April 24, 2015

The cash loans for titles Lewisville arrive in time to saved financially distressed souls

titleloansIt takes guts and oodles of patience to work up the energy to apply for a bank loan but there is no way of assessing how long the bank will take to decide your loan. What will frustrate you is the waiting period for the banker’s decision, and even after you’ve done the legwork and delivered volumes of papers and necessary documents, the banker will subject you an in intense background probe to ascertain your financial strength and credit worthiness. The cash loans for titles Lewisville save clients the pain of an indefinite wait because these loans make it clear at the outset what you are eligible to receive. Besides, the car title loan doesn’t raise the issue of bad credit and doesn’t subject the loan applicant to the rigors of a background check.

The cash loans for titles Lewisville have become acceptable because of their accessibility and ease of procedures:

When banks make a big noise about background probing, customers know that a bad credit past reduces their chances of getting a bank loan approved or, even worse, if they do manage a loan it will come at a steeper interest rate. The cash loans for titles Lewisville charge among the lowest interest rates in the industry and that effectively reduces the loan burden on the individual client. He gets to pay lesser dues than he would if had availed a bank loan.

The cash loans for titles Lewisville will extend finance purely on the strength of the car collateral and will not ask anything else:

It is a well-known fact that banks insist on heavily collateralizing their loans and nothing short of a property mortgage satisfies their securitization concerns. The title lender, on the other hand, is prepared to run the risk of financing a financially weaker candidate because he focuses exclusively on the collateral value of the client’s car and the client’s capacity to repay his loan from his existing income. The bad credit past is of no consequence to a title lender when he approves a car title loan.

Whereas bank loans take ages to get repaid, the cash loans for titles Lewisville Insist on shorter and more manageable repayments:

When banks stretch repayments beyond three years there’s a method in their “madness” – the banker intends to capitalize his interest gains to the maximum level, but such a policy can be detrimental to the fiscal health of the borrower. The car equity loan stipulates shorter repayment periods that enables the client to pay in manageable installments and quickly liquidate his dues.

Speed is of the essence in emergencies and cash loans for titles Lewisville deliver cash in ways that enable clients to tackle emergencies faster and more effectively:

The moment you feel cash demands rising on the horizon, you know that contacting the title lender is the best available option. There are fewer procedures and no time wasting background investigation; the lender assesses the client’s present level of income and hires the services of a professional car evaluation expert to determine the car’s resale value. Knowing these two simple parameters (car value and income) is sufficient ammunition for the title lender to approve a car equity loan.

titleloans2The procedures insist on submission of fewer documents such as the car registration papers, your latest auto insurance policy, a copy of the current salary slip or wage stub, and your residence proof. These are papers that you have on your person all the time and can be mobilized quickly to avail the title loan. Getting the loan approved hardly takes 15 to 20 minutes of your time and you will be driving back home with cash in your custody ready to tackle your urgent cash demand.

When emergencies come without warning and catch you when your financial castle is developing cracks, it is reassuring to know that the cash loans for titles Lewisville are your beck and call. If you are facing such a situation and you need to source funds immediately, car equity loans show the way in mitigating financial distress. To survive any cash crisis the best place to source money is thenetLender.CoM Lewisville Texas. They provide customer friendly loans which guarantee substantial assistance within a short span of15 minutes, even if happen to be bearing the burden of a bad credit history.